Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are installed in a user’s computer from websites that the user visits unless the user has prohibited installation of all or some cookies in his or her settings of the web browser. Cookies make it possible to recognize the user’s device when visiting websites.

Depending on the time of installation, cookies can be divided as follows:

  • Temporary or session-based cookies – make it possible to temporarily connect user’s activities during the browsing session of one and the same web browser, i.e. from opening the window of a web browser until closing it or until 4 hours pass from the last view of the page
  • Permanent cookies – these are saved permanently in the user’s device for the period of time specified in the cookie and they are activated each time the user visits the website the cookie was installed from.

Depending on their state of belonging, cookies can be divided as follows:

  • Cookies of the first party – they come from the website being viewed. Websites may save data, by means of these cookies, that is reused next time the website is being visited. From the point of view of processing personal data, cookies of the first party are installed by the responsible processor (or any other processor authorized by it) who manages the website being visited

  • Cookies of third parties – these come from advertisements of other websites that are on the website visited by the user. From the point of view of processing personal data, cookies of the third parties are installed by a responsible processor who is not the same as the administrator of the website being visited.

Depending on the aim of installation, cookies may be divided as follows:

  • Essential cookies – these are important for moving around on websites, for using their functions and for rendering services chosen by users. The website cannot be used and the required services rendered without installing these cookies.

  • Statistical cookies – these collect information about how users use websites, e.g. which websites they visit the most often and which error messages they receive from the websites. The collected information is joined and made anonymous. The aim of these cookies is to improve the functioning of the websites.

  • Preference cookies – these cookies make it possible to remember the choices made by the user (e.g. font of the text, other changeable qualities of the website) and features (e.g. username, language or country of location of the user) in order to offer more personal and comfortable possibilities for using the website.

  • Promotion cookies – these cookies make it possible to show personalized advertising to the user and conduct market surveys and analyses by using the data received about the behavior and interests of the user. This data can be shared with promotion networks and renderers of the advertising service.

What are cookies used for?
This data helps us offer better user experience to a visitor of the website and form and develop the website so that our service would be of as good quality as possible. By using the website the user agrees that we collect data about usage of the website (i.e. how often user visits our website, which websites he or she browses), which web browser and hardware is used on our website. We personalize websites and their content based on the information received from browsing the website. The information collected by the cookies of our website may be used for displaying certain advertisements if you browse other internet sites. Collected data is not associated with any specific person.

Blocking cookies
If you do not want cookies to be saved in your computer, you can block them in the settings of your web browser. Then no cookies from our or any other website are saved, but as a result, not all functions of websites may work properly.

Additional information about blocking cookies can be found at

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Our website uses the web usage analyzing tools Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel that collects data about the usage of the website.

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In order to improve your browsing experience cookies are used. More information about cookies can be found here.